Publix Weekly Ads – Buy One, Get One Free and Essentials

Publix Weekly adsEven though there are many places to buy groceries, when doing so in the Southeast, it is always important to consider Publix weekly ads. The weekly ad, which Publix releases on Wednesday or Thursday, depending on where you live, is the key to saving money at Publix. The ad lets you know where the true savings can be had at Publix each week. There are two very important parts of the Publix weekly ad to consider each week – the BOGO (buy one get one free) deals and the “Essentials.”

Publix Weekly Ads Save You Time And Money

Publix weekly ads lists the BOGO deals by department, using a small black circle with “Buy 1 Get 1″ inside of it to mark the many items they have on sale each week. This circular logo makes it easy to find the best deals in each week’s ad. One way to use this part of the circular to your advantage is to combine the BOGO sales with coupons. Publix allows customers to use two coupons for its Publix BOGO items. For example, if cereal is BOGO, then you can use two coupons to make the price of cereal even better.

Another important part of Publix weekly ads is the “Essentials,” usually displayed on the back page. These are items that are typically on sale for a month and that might be considered staples in the typical grocery budget. The “Essentials” usually include at least one kind of dairy, meat, pasta, snack, and paper product each month. You can also use coupons on these items as well to increase your savings.

A new, yet favorite feature of Publix weekly ads, is the ad viewer page set up at the Publix website. This recently improved feature allows customers to view the entire ad online. Viewing the ad on the Publix website, you can browse page by page, by department, by brand, or even by just listing the BOGO items. It is especially helpful that Publix designed the page for making your grocery list as well. All a customer has to do is hover over the item in the Publix weekly ads, click the pop-up description and then click “Add to List.”

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Publix Weekly Ads

Publix Weekly adsThe Publix Weekly Ads, whether you get them in the newspaper or at the store, it’s a guaranteed money saver. If you like to plan ahead the best way is to get your hands on a current ad, compare it to your shopping list and look at the items that are on sale which you know will save you money right of the bat before getting to the store. In comparison to any supermarket stores my family usually comes here because the specials available are simply better. You will also find lots of Publix coupons!

The Publix Weekly ads always bring to you savings that are pretty hard to pass up. In these hard economic times, this company has helped it’s customers by providing buy one get one free sales on everything throughout their stores. The great thing about it is that they rotate what’s going to be on sale on a continuous basis. Best way to keep track of this is by getting their paper.

Publix Weekly Ads Make Shopping More Enjoyable

The Publix Weekly ads make your grocery shopping experience much easier. It has a great easy to read layout in categories which saves you time helping you locate exactly what you need. Their stores are conveniently located throughout Miami-Dade, almost everywhere you turn you can find one or you can see a future location of one being built soon in your area. Their service is incredible as far as making it as quick as a convenient store. You don’t have to wait in long lines at the registers. The moment they see a long line forming they try to open a new register right away so you don’t have to stay long.